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I had the most enjoyable time preparing for my exam using your absolutely useful tools for passing the exam, and I passed. Thank you for all the help and effort that you have made to help residents in their oral exams.

Dana N.


My OSCE was last Friday 24/10/08. You will be pleased to know that I did well and really must say a massive big thank you. Your help was absolutely wonderful. I passed on your advice to some of my colleagues that were interested and they think it was great too. Thanks once again.

Crystal  H.


I have purchased some other examination books which are extremely comprehensive but don't add dialogue - combining such with your text would mean I would only have to purchase one book and not have to make notes - which is good for me. Communication and Hx taking are mentioned in the crash course range and the differentials are good - however they don't give a structured approach to Hx taking as your book does - which I like.

From OSCEhome survey.


 After finding you on the internet at OSCE home you quite exactly described how I felt taking the exam. I figured if you could describe how the exam went for me you would have the answer as to how I could do better and not get disoriented, disorganized and lose focus.

From OSCEhome survey.



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OSCEhome is designed by a group of medical students, residents, and graduate physicians around the world who took and passed several OSCEs during their medical schools and residencies in addition to licensure exams, specifically, USMLE Step 2 CS, LMCC part II / National Assessment Collaboration (NAC), NAC, PLAB part 2, TRAS part 2, MRCGP, Australian Clinical, and NZREX.

The site is continuously managed and edited by an ever changing group including you!. We continuously receive inputs, feedbacks, materials, and comments from all of you to improve and update our site information.

Your comments and participation is very important and valuable to all of us, the OSCEs candidates. Please, participate now, even with only a short note of what ever related information or ideas that came up to your mind while you are browsing your site, the OSCE home!

OSCE organizers train and learn from each other, implementing the same scenarios and tricks, so why not us, the OSCEs candidates!....

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