1.   What to ask to fulfill the OSCEs examiner checklists and cover the differential diagnosis?… You’ll Get  Questions Templates, One For Each Body System,  Covering All Possible Patient Complaints. Templates That Cover All Related Differential Diagnosis And Covers The Medical OSCE Exam Checklists Even If You Couldn't Figure Out The OSCE Station Differential.  Key Questions To Differentiate The Causes Are Included And Marked…. You’ll appear Experienced!  


2.   How to ask the patient questions without leading him or appear judgmental or disrespectful?….  You’ll Get Ready To Use Questions Templates Of What, How, And When To Ask The Patient. Not Only Checklists That You Need To Figure Out How To Ask About Them Yourself In Your Medical OSCE Exam. Complete History Taking Templates For ALL OSCEs In ALL Specialties. Just Memorize and Practice Them!… You’ll Be Knowledgeable and Understanding!  


3.    How to phrase your questions and comments to be ethically and legally correct even if English is your mother language?…. You’ll Get Complete Carefully Phrased Sentences That Show Respect, No-Judgment, And Yet Time Efficient And Comprehensive. Sentences Of How To Approach Sensitive Issues Like Menses, Sexual History, And Abuse In An Ethical Manner?…. You’ll be Courteous!  


4.   What to do in the physical exam part of an OSCE station?…. You’ll Get A Step By Step Guide Of How To Perform A Physical Examination in just 5 minutes. What To Examine in focused or complete exam? How To Organize It In A Time Efficient Manner. What To Tell Both The Patient And The OSCE Examiner While Examining (if the OSCE examiner is present in the room). What To Do To Show Respect For The Patient And His/Her Privacy?…. You’ll appear Competent!  


5.   How to appear relaxed, confident, organized, capable, safe, and professional in your OSCE Exams?…. You’ll Get That By Mastering A Proven Step By Step Organized Follow Through Guide For Your Medical OSCE Exam…. You Will Be Able To Handle ANY OSCE Station. Not Only 50 or 70 Stations. Not Only Specialized OSCEs. Just Any OSCE Station AND Real World Medical Encounters!  


6.   What to ask or examine in an Emergency setting OSCE Exam station? How to MANAGE the patient in an Emergency setting OSCE Exam station?…. You’ll Get A Step By Step Guide To Follow Concerning What To Ask, Examine And WHEN?…. Detailed How To Manage Any Emergency Setting OSCE Station is included?…. As A Bonus, Medications And Doses For Common ER OSCE Stations Are Included In A Step By Step Manner!…. Your ER Performance Will Be Outrageously Competent And Efficient!  


7.   How to counsel the patient in an OSCE Exam station?…. You’ll Get An Organized Counseling Station Format. You'll Know What To Ask The Patient? How And When To Inform The Patient?…. You’ll Be and Look Organized!  


8.   How to deal with difficult patient scenarios in an OSCE Exam station?…. You’ll Get Knowing How To Deal with 20 Difficult OSCEs Scenarios Like Depression, Breaking Bad News, In Your E-book How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters? …. You’ll Be in Control Of The Medical Encounter!  


9.     How to know if your communication skills are sending the right messages during your OSCEs?… You’ll Master Verbal Communication Skills Indirectly By Just Memorizing The Templates and Performing Them Confidently In Your OSCE Exam. You’ll Learn How to sit, talk, behave and look for your OSCEs?…. You’ll Be and Look Attentive, Friendly and Yet Professional!  


10.   What to study and how to practice for your Medical OSCE Exam?…. You’ll Get EXACTLY What Medical Knowledge Is Needed And ENOUGH To Pass Your Medical OSCE Exam!…. You’ll Know How To Prepare Yourself For Your Medical OSCE Exam!…. You’ll Be CONFIDENT in Your Clinical Skills In No Time!