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Clinical Skills Assessment Medical OSCE Exam (OSCE Home)

 Medical Student OSCEs

Medical School OSCE Exams & Clinical Finals


Objective Structured Clinical Exams, OSCEs for Medical Students


Medical schools are increasingly relying on Objective Structured Clinical Exams as a method to evaluate their medical students' clinical skills and communications skills. As OSCE exams are now the method of the licensure examination in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand and many other countries, most schools are now implementing these clinical skills assessment exams right from the first year for their medical students..

The patients you will see are lay people trained to portray a clinical problem. This method of assessment is referred to as a standardized patient examination. Most school programs in the United States and Canada use standardized patients for instruction; many of these institutions use standardized patients for evaluation as well. You will have to pass several medical OSCE exams for you clinical skills assessment through out your medical school and residency education.

Standardized patients have been used for several years in the USMLE Step 2 CS and ECFMG Certification process, and have also been incorporated into the Medical Council of Canada's  Qualifying examination MCCQE II,  for Canadian and international medical graduates. The UK PLAB Part 2, the Irish TRAS Part 2, and the Australian AMC Clinical Examination are no exception. The standardized patient–based testing method was established more than 30 years ago, and its procedures have been tested and validated in the UK, United States and internationally.

As OSCEs for Medical Student in the first and second year internship tend to be simple with an obvious diagnosis. In third year and 4th year, it will become more difficult resembling the licensure clinical skills exams and real life encounters. It is important for a third year and 4th year medical student to understand that some cases are designed to present more than one diagnostic possibility. 

Schools provide to its medical students several training resources such as books, videos, life and online training, and supervision from more senior medical students. However, medical students are still required to do their homework! 

They have to figure out a lot of the exam secrets by themselves. They have to develop their own clinical approach to manage the medical interview mostly by trial and failure methods with real patients during their clinical placements.

OSCEs for Medical Student tend to be system oriented as you move from placement to another, like while they do their surgery clerkship, the topics will be around surgical topics, and so on. However, medical students have to keep their minds open to all possible diagnoses and explore the relevant ones as time permits. Differential diagnosis is still needed to be covered in all medical student OSCEs.

The best way for a medical student to prepare for an Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE Exam) is repetitive practicing following a well prepared systematic approach model.

Acquire a systematic organized approach that covers clinical skills, communication skills, and differentials. Start as early as possible in your medical education and keep repeating and practicing your approach over and over for months and all through your medical school years. Make it a habit in order to master patient encounters. It will be one practicing for all your coming medical OSCE exams. Dose it make sense?!

Check OSCEhome systematic approach; "A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCE".

For more and up to date information about OSCEs for Medical Student at your school, please visit your school website. 

For OSCE Exam sample question and how to prepare for OSCEs for Medical Student you are in the right site!



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