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Clinical Skills Assessment Medical OSCE Exam (OSCE home)



In order to verify whether the OSCEhome Systematic Approach works or not, the best thing to do is to find out how others who used it did in their clinical patients' encounters as well as the OSCE exams.

Although, as medical students, residents, and doctors, we are so busy to write any comments, still, here are some of the emails I got:




I had the most enjoyable time preparing for my exam using your absolutely useful tools for passing the exam, and I passed. Thank you for all the help and effort that you have made to help residents in their oral exams.

Dana N.




My OSCES was last Friday 24/10/08. You will be pleased to know that I did well and really must say a massive big thank you. Your help was absolutely wonderful. I passed on your advice to some of my colleagues that were interested and they think it was great too. Thanks once again.

Crystal H.




Hi Dr. Al Imari

Great OSCES are sent. I am very impressed .Continue the excellent job.

Diann A.



Had an OSCE then MMI and finally MCCQE Part II. I survived. thanks for all the suggestion.


Fozia Z.




Dear Dr. Al Imari
Since you have sent me lots of information about OSCE , I am very pleased about very nice and knowledgeable that helped me,
thank again,




Dear Al Imari, hope u fine and happy. I am so sorry for delayed reply, actually I was busy in the last period but I had some time to come across your messages, my impression is that nicely selected and well organized, so it fantastic type of osce..                                    

Mubarak A.




Thank you so very much for the interest and concern.

I am happy to note that you still have me in mind. For the records, it will interest you to know that all the clinical armamentarium sent to me are be put to good use in my practice right now and more importantly, in the very near future when I shall take the Medical council examination of Canada which I have just completed the registration. Your lectures will definitely be invaluable to me in this wise.

The notes were flawless hence there was no complain from me but allow me to say well done and keep it up. Any doctor and more importantly, an astute marketing/or sales manager will easily give the memos a 100% pass mark as the sine qua non for selling yourself and product to the most critical consumer.

Once more thanks and be ready to update me further when my exams is nigh.

Kind regards.

Dr Sado G.



Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email. The newsletters are great, but I have been so busy last year with my work and I did not have a chance to apply for PLAB 2. I think I should take it before the beginning of 2010.

The newsletters are very helpful and carefully written. They are really useful and open the mind to a better way on how to approach OSCE cases.

Much Obliged,

Sarah A.




Hi  Dr  Al Imari,


I  am  very  sorry  for  not  replying  you  for  a  long  time  I  was  very  busy  shifting  my  from  another  place  within  Calgary. Your  notes  were  very  good  and  it  is  very  helpful. I  think  I  need  more  for  my  coming  exams. Thank  you  very  much  for  the  support  that  you  are  giving  to  all  the  doctors.

Thanks  again  for  all  the  notes  that  you  have  given  me  ,I  hope  you  can  give  me  more  support  and  notes.

That's  all  then  hope  to  hear  from  you.

Yours  sincerely,

Krishnaveny S.




Hi Dr Al Imari

I'm stagger of internal medicine now. Really I am finding importance of clinical skills.

thanks for good and useful information.

Zahra B.




Hallo Dr. Al Imari

Thank you for your concern about me, and yeah I'm still alive and breathing:)
sorry for not emailing you before, I'm just to shy to do it, however, you magnificent website is beyond any emotional state. Soooooo, THANK YOU for your great emails especially (rebuilding your vision) and the OSCE examinations you've send. They really helped me through my examinations and during hospital rotations. I'm really glad you've emailed me and looking forward more from that and i promise you to keep emailing you soon.

Fatma A.



Hi! Dr. Al Imari, the information and things that you have been sending with me has been very helpful specially for us ,because everyday we deal with our clients from cephalocaudal down to the smallest details, and you know English is not our first language which makes it difficult for us to express things we wanted to say. With you helping us it does make a difference for us, I am now working as a Graduate Nurse in a long term care facility, and it makes me confident to face my client where I can express myself freely and you know where to start. Thanks a lot.

Sarah B.




Your book is great! Thank you so much!

Best regards,

Roxana G.




Dear Dr Al Imari

Thank you for your kindness.

I  would like to thank you for your help and support. I passed my clinical exam. and communication skill as well thank god your web site was helpful in many points and advices, also although its personal but I have to say this to you, your advices and newsletter support me psychologically in some way when I was depressed when I failed the examination and I could not know where is my defect as this exam is multifactorial from my point of view (personal reaction, change environment when travel to exam. specially when i went to Singapore as it was a very long trip, but the practice still the corner stone)

I am asking if you can add some videos for clinical tips e.g. how to examine ..., how to do...?
finally thank you very much

Mohamad E., MRCS ed.




Thank you so much Dr Al Imari

I receive your letter with very much respect.

Your OSCEhome is very much helpful and valuable really.

I am now working as a Consultant of ob/gyn with both MD and MRCOG qualification.

I will recommend these courses to my student and candidates wishing to set to these exams.

Once again, thanks for your nice letter, looking forward to hear from you.


Dr Ibrahim Y.




Thank you a lot. The book is a very valuable tool for the LMCC and Cehpea (Ontario) I'll be writing my LMCC spring 2009 and there are other ethics issues I would like to review few weeks prior the exam. For now thank you again and for addressing my problem accordingly.

Have a great day

Jose Z.




Hi Dear Dr

With regards to the materials I did a CS course last week and during my clinical cases there I found how much I had benefited from these materials , so I am deeply grateful and I wish we will keep on to be friends .

Looking to hear from you.

Oudai H.




I am thankful with all  advices you have been giving me! It is very complete and helpful! I think , I am doing a very good job with my preparation , but all thanks to you!

Thanks a lot!

God Bless u!

Vanessa O.




Dear Al Imari

They are quite informative. Thank you so much.
Best regards.




Dr Al Imari:

It is well known that all the material you send is very good and fits the necessities of any OSCE exam taker. I really enjoyed the newsletters.

So, I am glad that I could still receive information and advices from you regarding the OSCE, its clinical and communication skills.


Andrea O.



Dear Dr Al Imari,

I read your newsletters regularly and they are very helpful. The tips are simple and easy to practice. Thank you for making such valuable information accessible to everyone.

Armeen Z.




Thanks Dr Al Imari

Your OSCE home techniques and ideas were very useful and Thanks to Allah I have cleared my Exam. It was a tremendous help on your part to help us then and even today your mail reminds us of your support. I have recommended your site and books to all my fellow colleagues for their upcoming exams.
Dr Tasneem B.



Dear Dr Al Imari,

Your Reading material was very helpful in preparing for AMC exam along with the toronto notes. Thank you for sharing your Knowledge in approaching OSCE examination with everyone.
Kind Regards,

Vishnu V.



Dear Dr. Al Imari,

I was busy with my CE 1 exam and today I got my result and my score is very good by the grace of ALLAH SUBHANATALLAH.

I am thankful for the letters, they definitely helped me. I could not ask for more as I prepared in 2 months time and I had lot of study material from my course too.

I will recommend your site to my friends.


Baynazir P.




Hello there,

As a matter of fact,  STEP BY STEP is a skills builder book, i wish i could get this book long time ago. my exam date is coming closer, on November 3 and 5, 2008.

Thanks for every things,

Wish me luck for my exams

Have a wonderful day,

Dr. Ahmad N.




Hello Dr. Al Imari
I liked it a lot .
Its concise ,to the point , practical.
I did pass the LMCC2 Exam from the first shot with a very good score.
Its an amazing book!
Thank you
Sincerely yours,
Nagib Y.



Dear Dr Al Imari

I did want to send you lots of messages out of gratitude for helping  me pass my Step 2 cs of USMLE. Your messages, advice and online support did help me a lot.

Thank you very much

Ambur R.




The OSCE materials were excellent.

Some of the strategies were very helpful for me during my preparation for my Royal College of Paediatrics exam.  I think your materials should be incorporated into every residency program to help residents prepare for their OSCE exams.

Thanks a lot!  Keep up the excellent work!

Michelle J., MD, FRCPC, Pediatrician..



Hi Dr.Al Imari
well, to be honest with you, i have no time to go through most of it for the last few weeks because am doing my rotation in surgery it is very busy rotation, but thanks god it is the last week, then i will be able to concentrate on my exam of OBS & GYN which ganna be next month
regarding my opinion about OSCEhome website, newsletters, and ebooks I like to say it is my honor to recommend this useful website to everyone
the most thing i like it is the advices and your concerns and care
thanks a lot 
Mona S.


Thank you too much for your care for me and many others colleagues who benefit from your experience , and great thanks for osce home as best osce web site I have ever seen.  I benefit too much from ebooks and fortunately I pass my MRCGP international from the first time thanks God and you for my success and I may send feed back in other message.

Mona S.



Hi Dr.  I thank you for your email, and I appreciate OSCE so much because it is a very good resource and there are very important tips to success in my goals, thank you again for all your help.

Thank you

Luis N.




Hello Dr Al Imari

Thank you for your email.

I successfully passed CE1. but I'm not sure if the score of 680 is good or not. Your book tremendously helped me in the preparation. I also watched some online videos which were great help too. I found certain parts in your book were very repetitive but I think that's how you aim to hammer the brain of the reader to retain the information.

Many thanks again for the help.

Dr Hunaina M.




Hi Dr Al Imari,

I'm fine thanks. I found your website helpful for my MRCPsych exam. I hope this will keep helping trainee doctors in the future as well. I wish you and the site more success.


Pallab M.




Hello sir,
I have read all the letters you had sent to me about osce exams ,e books and really impressed how easy you make the osce exam to be.
I liked the approaches you made an d how u made .
I really don't see anything that maybe added to the program..... may be some of scenarios or opinions from other students that actually did the test ... we may use some of their experts
about what did they see , how did they act......
Have a nice day Dr Al Imari
M. Owaies




Hi Dr Al Imari, I'm so sorry, because I'm so busy with my clinical study. Yeah, I feel the reference source from oscehome really helped me to take history and think about some differential diagnosis. so that I can dig what's the patient's problem and make a final working diagnosis. I passed the OSCE test in my medical faculty University of Indonesia. And I always use this knowledge to face the patients in my clinical session. Oh my God, you're so helped me Dr Al Imari. Thank you so much. I'll try to give another comments another day based on my experience as medical student (Co Ass).

Thank you so much.


Anita R.




Dear Dr Al Imari,

I found your OSCE home web very informative and helpful. I use the information to help set up OSCE assessments for nursing students to assess their skills prior to qualifying as registered mental health

Best Wishes,
Irene Buchan
Senior Clinical Nurse
London Directorate
Broadmoor Hospital,




Hello Dr Al Imari,

Thanks a lot you made it so useful and systematic. Your advises and recommendations are deeply appreciated. Thanks a million for the direction on communication skills. 

Such a helpful topics, definitely verbal and non verbal communication is the key to success.

Thanks again in this regard me and my colleague deeply appreciate effort.

May God be with you and your family. I don't know how should I thank you for all the useful information, but anyhow I extend my warm thanks and wish you and your family all the best.

Looking forward for more advices.

Dr. Ubaid A., Calgary, Alberta.


Very useful info. Such helpful topics, definitely verbal and non verbal communication is the key to success. I don't know how should I thank you for all the useful information, but anyhow I extend my warm thanks and wish you and your family all the best. Thanks a million for the direction on communication skills.  Looking forward for more advices. Thanks again in this regard my colleague and me deeply appreciate your effort.

Best regards

Dr. Ubaid A., Calgary, Alberta.




Your book is excellent, it's a perfect start in preparing for OSCE. However, I do have several negative comments about it. As a physician and a professional, please make sure your e-book has perfect grammar and sentence to be able to reflect what you teach and advise. In many places in your book you use the question " DOES IT...."? and that is fine but you have misspelled the word DOES. Everywhere you use the word DOSE!!!! 

There are many sentences that can use a lot of help. I strongly recommend that a professional edits this e-book. Even if you have to raise the price. OSCE  is a huge milestone and has a life- changing meaning in a life of a physician, especially foreign trained. Reading this book, it's quality falls behind the many grammar and spelling mistakes. Your idea is wonderful, the book is probably one of the best ones for preparing the OSCE, but it needs work. Otherwise , it really feels overpriced.

Thank You,

Dr. J. I. London, Ontario 

Note: That was the first 2005 edition and fixed. Thanks. Dr Al Imari.




Thank you very much for sending the OSCE newsletters. It really helps me by keeping me updated with my clinical skills the Canadian way and have forwarded this information to many colleagues of mine.

 Looking forward for more OSCE newsletters.

Thanks again.

Naureen S.





Hello Dr. Al Imari
Thank you so much for your attention and professional help to me and many others. I appreciate everything that has been done and permanently is coming from you. Each information is so helpful and increases my understanding of the problem and my ability to make clinical approach and decision in short time. I am permanently interested any information from you. Thank you again for your generously willing to share your knowledge with your colleges. God bless you and your whole family.
Dr. Rana A.




Thank you for helping me activate the ebook. I am satisfied with the system you propose for approaching OSCE.

Best regards,

Jose L., MD




Thank you for the tips i am really thankful that I got the opportunity for gaining information about communication skills...

Thanking you

Dr. Navnidhi K.




Hello Dr. Al Imari

Thank u very much for your information. I'm sure that it'll be useful for me. I'm looking forward your mail no every weekend when i open the mailbox.


Dr. Aung T.




Thank you, thank you so much, you made my day. God Bless you for what you are doing and have done for so many. I hope and pray that you continue to do the good.

Best regards

Mohammad N.




Appreciated Dr. Al Imari:

Thanks again for your collaboration. I`ve been studying these e-mails with the corresponding articles for OSCES exam preparation.


Juan V. M.D.





Dear Dr Al Imari,

Thank you very much for the E-mail. I found it very informative and help me greatly. Sent my regards to your family.


Ainsah O.




Dear Dr.

I'd like to thank oscehome for helping me to get prepared for the mccqe2. I got the result in Dec 2007 and successfully passed this exam.





Dear Dr Al Imari
Many thanks for these very helpful osce information letters
Alice M.




Thanks, I have the ebook, it is excellent and just wish I'd had it weeks ago.

Nancy H.





I am a Cuban Dr in the process of pass my evaluations in Canada.

Last year, I received some e mails with tips that you use as promotion of your book.

I will like that you know that all this information that I took from these e mails, was very useful. I prepared my QE part II using your information am i feel very comfortable. Even that I did not pass the exam, it was just for some points. I recommend your book to all my colleagues.


Oscar D.



Dear Dr. Al Imari:

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Your information of OSCE is very helpful to our development of OSCE in Taiwan. 

I read the "Difficulty Patient OSCEs Scenarios in OSCE home, and found that it is very helpful to our OSCE program. I sincerely wish that I may have your permission to translate it into Chinese and share it with our students and faculty. 

Thank you in advance for your kindness. With my best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Keh-Min L., M.D.




Thank you for your quick & honest reply. You can be sure any colleagues of mine looking for good OSCE prep resources will be directed to your ebook as your customer service is superb.

Thanks again.

Tania H.



Dear Dr. Al Imari,

I am more than grateful for the information letters you keep sending to me, they are so valuable to encourage me in my preparation for the osce Exam. I am struggling to get ready for osce exam?.. am living in Windsor Ontario.

Thank you again,

Dr. Ahmad A.




Hi Dr. Al Imari,

Thank you very much and Salam for your continuous support for sending me OSCE home news letter timely. Not only it has improved my upgrade teaching & learning but also has helped how to evaluate the learner's and teachers also.

So, please continue to send me the OSCE newsletter as well as any latest information in Medical education.

Have a nice day.

Thanking you once again.

Dr, Iqbal B.




Hi Dr Al Imari,

I hope your are doing well. I would like just to say thank you for all the information your are providing to me, your are a great help and I really appreciate that. I am also grateful for that.

Have a nice day.

I hope we will meet one day.

Dr Mukendi K.



Thanks Dr.Al Imari,

Its really very informative and helpful to start for osce preparation under these guidelines.

Sidique S.




Dear Dr Al Imari

I received the ebook and I am thankful for your kindness. I am sure it would be very helpful for OSCE in the UK

Sincerely yours

Dr Talebi



Your website is excellent.  newsletters are good reminders like CMEs. ebooks
are comprehensive with clarity brevity and easy to recall when working with
patients. Your contribution to medical science is highly commendable





Hi I have really benefitted a lot from all what you sent  to me so far. I  liked the section on preparation tips.


Oladoyinbo A.




Dear Dr Al Imari

Hi, it is your kindness that you think like that, really I am impressed by this approach, I think you have a very good website and I appreciate that.


Bahar G.




Hi Dr Al Imari

I had used one of your ebooks earlier for my QE2 and it had helped a lot. Now I am going to focus on CCFP exam, next year in May, and I am planning to go through your book again for that, since I have got it in print with me.

Shaista A.




Dear Dr Al Imari

Thank you for you e-mail. I cleared my MCCQE II exam last may and found you website and book "guide to mastering OSCE" very helpful. The news letter were quiet helpful
but dealt more with the communication rather than the clinical and the knowledge part of the exam. While the mnemonics help yet customization needs effort and practice.

Thank you for your help and support and hope you continuous success and development.

Ihab G.




Dear Dr Al Imari.

Thanks for your letters. I was wondering why I have not received any letters in  the recent past. Your book is very useful and I recommended  it to many colleagues.

I took the OSCE and did well. The QE2 is next weekend.

Have  a nice day.

Basil A.




Dear Dr. Al Imari.
I have passed my exam and already practicing in Ontario for 1 year. I printed out mostly your all preparation emails only and read in 2 days before exam. I practiced few cases with my friends on phone. My exam went very well. With in same week I passed my CFPC oral exam also.

Thanks for your help. Your emails were very informative. I forwarded your web site to my other friends also.

Only thing I will say for IMGs if you use more examples of communication sentences it will be very good. Also explain usually What happened on exam day? it will relief lot of anxiety.




Its very comprehensive, useful and informative. I would recommend it for my friends who are interested in taking USMLE clinical skills exam in future. 

Vinod T.




Dear Dr Al Imari,

I had my PACES exam ( which I passed, thanks to a lot of the good advice given in your articles).  I'll be going through your materials again for the AMC examination.

Thanks for the hilarious email once more!


Amira M.




Dear Dr Al Imari

I liked the ebook that I got from you  It is really a very good material  I recommended  to everyone going to have any type of OSCE

Good luck and keep going.

Dr Maximous,




I am happy to receive your letters, I took my Step 2 CS last 18 of July and passed my test, I am so happy.

Your letters and tips about patient's encounters , specific questions and medical note were big help for my.

I passed my Step 2 CS and CK, I am studying for Step 1.


Patricia V. .



Dear Dr. Al Imari,

Thank you very much for your email, your ebooks, newsletters & the website was and is useful.
Thanks again.

Dr. Jayanthi.




Dear Dr Al Imari,
I started my FM residency in July, 2008 and before that for one year I was doing IM clinical assistance. I found that all your educational material are very relevant and helped me though I stopped F/U since I joined the system. Thank you for the good educational material.
Nancy G.




Hello Dr Al Imari,
Thank you for your email. I did the CE1 last month, and still waiting for the result pray for me.
The notes you were sending were excellent and I did used them.
kindest regards,

Ibtihaj H.




Dr Al Imari,

Thanks for the mail.

I appeared in the OSCE and I scored very well. Thanks for the support.

The materials and the letters you sent me time to time, were indeed inspirational and made me move fast to achieve the target to finish the course in time.

Thanks once more

With regards

Dr Hero.



Dear Dr. Al Imari,

Your OSCE home website is very helpful. I did pass my CS and am planning for step 3. Thank you.


Indira R.



Thanks for your email. I loved the way you had put together the prep material. It covered the relevant exams beautifully. I have not attempted the Ontario OSCE yet, I am sure it will help me pass the exam with flying colors.

Dr Khalida R.



Hello Dr.Al Imari

I have always read your articles and are really good. Thank you for considering to ask for my opinion. The newsletters are very well organized in the topic. The presentation are simple and practical.

Dr. Prati N.




Thanks particularly for your e-books for helping me to pass MCCQE 2. It was of great help for some of my friends as they told me. Now I believe most of the people knew about your E-Books.

Actually I need you to make advanced e-books? I mean specialty e-books for specialists.




Hi.. I enjoy your site and the emails sent with osce scenarios/advices. Now, I am in my residency and quite busy. I use your info a lot and I am quite happy with it. Thanks for keeping me in mind.

Florentina S.




Dear Dr.Al Imari,

Thank you for remembering me, it is so nice of you.
I bought your e-books for preparing to PLAB 2 exam in the UK, they helped me enormously. Moreover, it is my opinion, that I passed from first attempt only because of them, despite the fact that the exam was more difficult than it used to be (fewer percentage of applicants was successful than before).
Also, it is still very helpful for me in everyday life as English is not my native language.
Only one thing, that I would like to mention is it would be great if you could publish them as printed books (not only as pdf files).

Best regards,
Elena V.




Hi, Dr, Al Imari:

Thank you for your email. I appreciate your ebook and it helped me a lot in data gathering and clinical skill, but I failed in communication skill real CS test because I was following the mnemonics and neglected patient's reaction. I have to take the test again in Dec. I think that your website and ebook is good for clinical data gathering.

Hope you could make some video of physician's interview with patients later, that would help more.





Hi Dr Al Imari,
I am still well and truly alive and kicking. I think yours website is fantastic and covers the salient points needed for OSCE exams. I agree with you that most the work is done in the preparation for the exam rather than on exam day and your advice was definitely worthwhile.
Thanks again for your help.
Dr Siva R., Sydney, Australia



Hello  Dr Al Imari,

Your website is fantastic. By God's grace I got through my AMC exam and needless to stay your website helped. I did prepare each clinical scenario myself and ultimate result was that I had notes of my own.

This is what went a long way in giving me the confidence that I have given my 100% and then I left it with God. You know when We have done our duty, God never lets us down and takes things in his fold - So, things cannot go wrong thereafter. The fact that you are sacrificing your valuable time to share your reading material with all junior Doctors is a good deed - God Bless you.

Kind Regards,
Vishnu V.




Hello Dr.Al Imari,

Your web site is super, I used your free information, very, very good! I passed LMCC 2 in May 2008,I had more confidence after visiting your web site. Now I am doing a clinical fellowship in Toronto.

I thank you for your web site, you are doing a wonderful job!
All the best,

Liana P




Dear Dr Al Imari

Thank you so much for the tips on the clinical examinations and communication skills - they are proving to be invaluable!!!

 Kindest regards

 Christel A.




Dear Dr Al Imari,

I was waiting to write to you to finish the Clinical Exam in Australia.

I passed it, and I must say that your book really helped me a lot in many ways, gave me confidence, and a strict approach of what should be said (FORMAT).....all the rest was personal study, but without your directions, I wouldn't have made it.

Thanks a lot, and wish you a great success - you deserve it.


Dr Monica G.




Dear Mrs. /Mr.

" A Step By Step Guide To Mastering The OSCEs for MCCQE " is a very helpful book and I feel it is the one exactly  I 'm in need of . 
Thank you so much
Basem E.




Dear Dr Al Imari

Thank you again for your kindness in sending the ebooks for me. it is really useful and I feel more confident by using them. I wish it were possible to present it as interactive multimedia software, including natural sounds and views in a simulated environment !!!!

Best wishes for you and your colleagues
Mostafa T.



Dear Dr. Al Imari,
I think the course is structured right and is a confidence booster, so in that aspect it is a good program.  It helps you structure the encounter.  Maybe some more accent on medical report writing, I don't know. 
Friendly greetings,

Farah le D. 




Dear Al Imari,

Your web site, news letter, e-books are ideal, extraordinary and encouraging to all medical professional. I am a paeditrician a little bit medical educationist, so it would be better if you would present short summary of a clinical case and then write question in such a way that it would cover the Gagne's principle of all domain.

Have a nice day. 

Dr. Iqbal




Hi Dr Al Imari,

Thanks for all those mail for OSCE. They really were helpful.

Thanks again.


Hina P.



I would like to thank you for this great effort. I really learned a lot from these emails. I wish you won't cease sending me these emails.

Haitham S.




Hello there,
Thank you for giving good direction to prepare for USMLE STEP 2 CS. Many things such as counseling station, deal with difficult patient, etc it teaches me new things. So please keep sending me your information letter , I like to read it again
I am obliged to you for your good deed.


Dr.Farida K.




Thank you for sending me these messages, thank you.

Sai Nay L.
Final part 2, Medical student, Mandalay, Myanmar.




Thank you for all your OSCE preparation. I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully completed MRCOG and do not require further OSCE Preparation, thanks.

Jahan A., Al-Ayn, UAE




Thank you very much for sending me the ebooks which I have been able to download and you have regained my faith in Internet  purchases.

In exchange I can only recommend your course to students.

Agnelo F De Sousa,  FRCS., FRACS., University of Adelaide, Australia.




Thanks for the very efficient service.  I have downloaded and saved the document.

Many thanks.

Rosemarie K., New Zealand, February, 2006.




I do read your tips weekly. It is pretty useful. Just let me know how I can confirm my appreciation upon your mails. Hopefully, this letter expresses how much appreciation I have with your emails. I recommend your website for my friends.

Sukit R.




Dear Dr. Al Imari:

I didn't know about you when I made my first attempt at the mccqe2. I failed in exactly the way you describe except I didn't get frustrated or angry. I have knowledge. I just was not organized or focused. Where were you when I needed you? I am going to be doing the exam a second time because I did exactly all the things you say happen when you take this exam without specific preparation. You know everything but I failed to find you. Tanking up on coffee beforehand does not help! I am impressed with this material. I have two books with checklists. What a bunch of crap to burden your brain with. You have the information I need, the others were waste of time and money. If I cannot keep my focus with the help of your material then nothing will help. Now that I am retaking the exam I googled for a way to prepare for this exam. I found you just in time. I expect to go into the exam in an organized fashion thanks to your material. You see when I went to medical school in Germany 30 years ago and then when I practiced medicine I always looked at the whole patient and that takes too much time. Time you do not have in the exam.

Sincere regards

George B.




Your book is excellent, it's a perfect start in preparing for OSCE.

Dr. Julia I., London, Ontario, Canada.




I would like to thank you for this great effort, I really learnt a lot from these emails, but I would like to ask if your books are available in paper form because it is too hard for me to study on the computer?  and thanks for your patience and I wish u wont cease sending me these mails.

Haitham S.  




Dear Friend.

Thank you for your concern. Your website is excellent. Newsletters are good reminders like CMEs. ebooks are comprehensive with clarity brevity and easy to recall when working with
patients. Your contribution to medical science is highly commendable

Dr Jawali, MBBS DPM FIPS FAGE MD PhD. Melbourne, Autralia.


Dear Dr. Allimari,

thank you very much for asking my opinion about OSCE home website which was an enormously of  value during my preparation to Step II USMLE, CSA exam.

Website is built by very generous  group of MD's who did a great job by introducing all possible questions with explanations for getting through exam and receiving  great result. All  material introduced in website are very well designated on pages and easy for looking and working with.

It was my great pleasure to received your help through OSCE home website , newsletters on regular base and  ebooks you provided . And  my result for  passing  CSA Step II USMLE I share with you and all others nice and generous MD's who were invisible but very clearly present in website.

Thank you very much again for your help in OSCE website page!!!


Dr. Oksana L.



Dear Dr.Alimari,

Thank you so much for the wonderful things that you shared to me. It really helps me a lot. It helps me to know and understand how to handle and deal with every situations. I am still reading some of your email because I always read it many times...Thank you so much for the help. God bless...


Louvette G.


I've just completed my final year exams & thank God I passed them all.

I'm doing what's called pre internship nowadays. Your emails & information regarding OSCE's have been useful. Although I must admit i haven't got time to read them all.. But I do keep them in my mailbox.. waiting for some free moments, or maybe another exam in the future, for me to read through them again more carefully..

Thanks again





Thank you a lot for your cooperation and care. it was so helping me and my colleague in putting the points in consultation. Also I hope that it will continue in giving more practical and useful as usual. we need more advance and more and more specific consultation skills in certain cases.

Thank you a lot for the effort that is done by your group.

Reem A.




Hi there,
I found the systematic approach and the mnemonics excellent. The only thing I would suggest is, having just passed the clinical part of the AMC, to get a mnemonic for the clinical examinations too, as it is quite easy to skip or to forget parts of the examination. Particularly under the pressure of the exam.

Frank A.




Dear Dr. Alimari,

I am glad to see an eMail from you on my computer and I am more than happy to answer.  I am sure you receive positive opinions about your effort with OSCE,  my opinion would be even more positive, the letters are very helpful. This would be a second email I have sent to you. You might think there is something missing with OSCE but what you send to every subscriber is, from a pragmatic point of view, more than enough, it is a very solid service.


Mario A.  



Thanks for remembering me and asking for my opinion on your website. It has been long since I visited it. Unfortunately I failed the OSCE but your tutorials were excellent though. I could not purchase any paid item and hence could not take full advantage. I am a nervous guy and I fail to impress my examiners even though my mind keeps working my facial expressions and voice quality and volume "Ditch" me. I also have mild asthma and borderline BP. If I take medicines for either or both the mouth goes dry and tongue and lips lose their moisture and become sticky. If I go without the medicine I am crippled with a red face and pounding pulse and breathlessness. I become self-conscious and start giving up and feel like running away and this act shows up to me before it does to others!

I shall love to recommend your sight to all prospective future consultants ( the present candidates). I am sure your web and its contents must have improved further over this time.


Yours sincerely,

Dr.Syed S.




Hi there Dr Alimari,
I found the newsletter very informative and helpful and it shows in my OSCE scores... mid 600s. However, my shortcoming was with adequate time management, especially with the history taking and physical examination stations. All in all, the information out there was great just remind that there will be MSK stations so be prepared for this.



Thank you for the emails, Dr Alimari.

I haven't read all the OSCE emails you sent me yet...but the ones I read were staggering.

Really interesting and educational...

thank you.

Warmest regards,




Respected and Esteemed Dr Alimari, Hello.

I must thank you for your kind notes. I found your notes very well ordered and exceptionally well. Believe me I would have ordered for the book well before, but am just waiting for the right time. Hope the right time arrives soon.  


Zahidbashir B.



I am Ok., great!  In addition...a few questions...perhaps you may know. I am a repeat exam taker; that is the CS exam. Before I found the OSCEhome materials...I was really weak in the clinical skills department. I recently received my score report for my latest CS exam. I performed exceptionally good in all skills areas but the patient note. Actually, I am rather pleased with my exceptional improvement in the data gathering (history and physical exam), CIS (questioning skills, professional manner / rapport, and information sharing skills), and of course English as I am a native US citizen. ***** My problem now is the patient note. I simply do not understand what skill is being tested and how to prepare to get better at the patent note. Please help if you can. 

Best regards,

Damon D.



Hi,I just recommended your book to one of my friend Dr H. from IRAK. He is gonna buy the book and I told him that it was worthy plus you were pretty good answering questions

Best of luck and thanks again.





Hi Dr Al Imari,

I liked your training material as a very good resource particularly as an IMG
I am benefitted by your material.
I did note few minor errors and have some suggestions that would help many others in using this.
I really enjoyed using your study material. It certainly offers a clear structure to practice in an organized way either alone or in small study groups
Thank you




Dear Dr. Al Imari.

Thank you for your email, I am an international medical graduate who is preparing for the OSCE exam and your web site is quiet helpful as I read your letters very often. I am studying  step by step guide to mastering..... book which is a great help as well.

I appreciate your effort in helping IMGs to gent in to the health system in Canada

Jaleh F.




Dear Dr. Al Imari:

Thank you for your messages.
I have been replying to your messages but a lot of my messages are not going through, as I was having a computer virus. Hope you get this message. The other reason for the delay being that I am looking after my elderly mother.
Your mini course and ebook certainly helped me with the exams, as it exactly guides you how to answer during the OSCE's step by step.

I have also recommended it to many International physicians who come to this country and have to struggle with thier exams.

Thanking you again for the Enlightening "ebook".  My apologies for the delay in responding.
With Respect,
Dr. M Pole.




Greetings Doctor,

I thank you for everything you do for me. To tell you the truth every message you've sent has created a positive difference in my life. You can't imagine how grateful I am for what you write to me. I dream to become a neurosurgeon in future, but before that I want to encourage anyone out there that they can achieve anything as long as they stay positive and I can do
that well with your help. With me, I am doing fine with the confidence I was inspired by you. Now I go to the clinic for work. Before, whenever I went to the clinic i was saying "I have come to learn" always. But now I confidently go there and say "I have come to work and help out". Thank you for what you are doing, and please continue with the good work.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dalitso M.




Dear Dr Al Imari,

I find your news letters very helpful and also you have very good writing skills, so every single word of your letters is on the right place and lead those who read them in the right direction. Thank you.

Kind regards

Olga V., MD, PhD




Parveen R.



I'm a nursing student and I used this page when I was working on osce as my presentation topic. Your site provided me with all the necessary information that I needed and guess what I got the highest mark in my class for that. So, I'm really thankful to your site and I will keep in touch. I really appreciate the communication skills and the training course that u have mentioned about.

Thank u for the help

Yours truly,




Dr Almari,

The OSCE information letters have been awesome and  much rewarding.

May our good God forever, favour and reward you and family for the eternal selfless, noble, considerate and untiring help to the medical fraternity.

Kind and warm regards,

Dr Okebie C




Hello Dr Al Imari,
I want to thank you and congratulate you on the excellent OSCE preparation work you have done and made available to us..

Thank you,

Eliane B., Ph.D.



Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. be blessed as we work towards uplifting our knowledge and practice in medicine

Mary B.




I purchased a clinical and communication skills training product from other sources, but your books are much simpler to understand.

From OSCEhome survey.




I have some books they are good but you have tips which are beneficial in communication.

From OSCEhome survey.




I have the books "OSCE&LMCC-II" by Gao and "OSCE/CSA" by Reteguiz but neither have an organized and focused approach to the exam, which is in direct contrast to your materials.

From OSCEhome survey.




I have purchased some MRCP examination books which are extremely comprehensive but don't add dialogue - combining such with your text would mean I would only have to purchase one book and not have to make notes - which is good for me. Communication and Hx taking are mentioned in the crash course range and the differentials are good - however they don't give a structured approach to Hx taking as your book does - which I like.

From OSCEhome survey.




I purchased a clinical and communication skills training product from other sources, but, I found that your source give clearer ideas and more practical.

From OSCEhome survey.



How to concentrate on what is necessary to stay focused and organized in the exam. In the exam I almost felt like I was having "flight of ideas" with my mind racing but not able to concentrate on what was central to each encounter often missing what I obviously otherwise would have known to be the "correct" approach. I hope with the help of your materials to pass the exam the second time around. Of course you cannot prevent me from becoming nervous and flustered but having your systematic approach to the exam should be very helpful in not losing my way.

From OSCEhome survey.




I liked the fact that you advise on what to say to the patient and the examiner - not many books do that. One of my tutors has for neuro exam - and that's the best I seen for neuro exams.

From OSCEhome survey.



After finding you on the internet at OSCE home you quite exactly described how I felt taking the exam. I figured if you could describe how the exam went for me you would have the answer as to how I could do better and not get disoriented, disorganized and lose focus.

From OSCEhome survey.




Recommendation from those who made it, gave me an interest to try it out.

From OSCEhome survey.



Initially when I saw this newsletter on the internet, I was drawn by the in depth comments on non verbal interaction besides the clinical content. In spite of speaking English fluently, I still had problems with communicating with patients in OSCE. I felt that OSCEhome definitely helped my bridge this gap. I felt that it was great help too in helping me cover even the smaller topics for good preparation.

From OSCEhome survey.


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