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Clinical Skills Assessment Medical OSCE Exam (OSCE home)

Medical Council of Canada MCCQE part II  

Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam II (LMCC MCCQE part II)


The Canadian Medical Council LMCC MCCQE part II Objective Structured Clinical Exam has 16 stations of two types. Eight 10 minute long station with two minute period before each for instructions, and eight couplet stations of 5 minutes stations with one minute period before each for instructions followed by a 5 minute Post Encounter Probe (PEP) written questions. There is one twenty minutes break in between both types. The LMCC MCCQE part II testing session is approximately seven hours.

A pilot station may be included in each type of the LMCC MCCQE part II OSCE stations (i.e two pilots) for evaluation for future use. It wont be included in your score and you wont know which one is it.

Some of the 10 minutes long LMCC MCCQE part II stations require more than one task to be completed, e.g. history taking and physical examination. In some cases, the clinical encounter ends at 9th minute and is followed by a one minute oral examination.  The Physician Examiner will ask one to three specified questions related to the patient problem.

In the Medical Council of Canada LMCC MCCQE part II OSCE Exam you will be assessed to the same clinical skills and communications skills which are evaluated in other clinical assessment exams. There is more emphasis on the patients write ups, differential diagnosis, management plans, and interpretation of labs and medical imaging in the couplet stations.

Clinical Skills Assessment exams done in several Canadian provinces for international medical graduate, like CSAT, CAPP, resembles LMCC MCCQE 2 Exams and need the same preparation.

For more and up to date information about the Medical Council of Canada LMCC MCCQE part II, please visit the Medical Council of Canada website. 

For sample questions and how to prepare for LMCC MCCQE part II, you are in the right site!


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