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Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs Home)


A site for every OSCEs candidate!


OSCE home is designed by a group of medical students, residents, and graduate physicians around the world who took and passed several OSCEs during their medical schools and residencies in addition to licensure exams, specifically, USMLE Step 2 CS, LMCC MCCQE part II, PLAB part 2, TRAS part 2, MRCGP, Australian Clinical, and NZREX.

The site is continuously managed and edited by an ever changing group including you!. We continuously receive inputs, feedbacks, materials, and comments from all of you to improve and update our site information.

Your comments and participation is very important and valuable to all of us, the OSCEs candidates. Please, participate now, even with only a short note of what ever related information or ideas that came up to your mind while you are browsing your site, the OSCE home!

OSCE organizers train and learn from each other, implementing the same scenarios and tricks, so why not us, the OSCEs candidates!....

Register and contact us now!.... 

Your participation will be greatly appreciated by all of us, the OSCEs candidates!....

Thank you on behalf of all the OSCEs candidates!....

OSCE home is part of the MedInfo Consulting group.





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